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Perplexity by Maidiin Perplexity :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 2 0 Happiness with Mother by Maidiin Happiness with Mother :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 1 2 Religion by Maidiin Religion :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 1 0 The eye of anubis. by Maidiin The eye of anubis. :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 0 2 La Vampirita by Maidiin La Vampirita :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 2 0 Pocket Chibi Crista by Maidiin Pocket Chibi Crista :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 5 0
Hope Melts the Ice of Anxiety
I'm shaking like a leaf and I'm cold like ice
She holds my head up
And she burns me so nice
My heart takes flight with a hummingbird
She holds my head up
"Look up child, see the sun"
My heart takes flight with a hummingbird
And then I know that today has already been won
"Look up child, see the sun"
I see it. The gardens green. The blue shades upon concrete and grass. 
And then I know that today has already been won. 
There will be no anxiety today, for the sun has melted it away.
I see it. The gardens green. And the blue shades upon concrete and grass. 
I'm shaking life a leaf and I'm cold like ice.
There will be no anxiety today, or the sun melted it away.
And she burns me so nice. 
:iconmaidiin:Maidiin 1 0
Look up, do you see the sun in the sky?
Be at rest child, the battle is finished.
You have done your duty as samurai.
But know your life is being diminished.
You shall have nor worries or fears of death.
Transcendence is part of death we shall seek.
Come receive your honor with your last breath.
Let only one tear to fall down your cheek. 
The thoughts of a samurai are of peace.
Even at death, he kneels for his good land.
His honor to his land shall never cease.
Even at death, he keeps his sword in hand.
Look up and greet the moon in the vast sky.
Give her your last wishes and say goodbye. 
:iconmaidiin:Maidiin 1 0
I cannot wait until summer.
Or even spring!
Winter just makes every day a bummer.
But imagine the absence of cold can bring!
Warmth! Straight up toasty air.
You can just go outside,
Without a single care.
Because winter has stepped aside.
There is no place you can't go.
Because in the summertime,
there is just no more snow. 
:iconmaidiin:Maidiin 1 0
Rejection Boi
There was once a bad gangster bunny.
Who's the baddest and that's not funny.
But one day he found love.
She was a pretty dove.
But one day, she was like, "Heck no honey." 
:iconmaidiin:Maidiin 0 0
Test Subject by Maidiin Test Subject :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 6 0 Comic Strep by Maidiin Comic Strep :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 0 2 A Reminder by Maidiin A Reminder :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 5 0 Deceit by Maidiin Deceit :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 6 0 TheBeatenChild by Maidiin TheBeatenChild :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 3 0 Its'a me! Creeesta! by Maidiin Its'a me! Creeesta! :iconmaidiin:Maidiin 4 3


Joker by SparrowLati Joker :iconsparrowlati:SparrowLati 5 0 Child of Light by JoJoesArt Child of Light :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 2,719 64 The Lamb and the Dragon by JoJoesArt The Lamb and the Dragon :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 3,238 158 Mipha by wlop Mipha :iconwlop:wlop 9,176 234 ''Don't you ever forget me, Max Caulfield'' by Dango-Princess ''Don't you ever forget me, Max Caulfield'' :icondango-princess:Dango-Princess 38 2 290915 by yvoi 290915 :iconyvoi:yvoi 11 2 020216 by yvoi 020216 :iconyvoi:yvoi 10 5 120415 by yvoi 120415 :iconyvoi:yvoi 8 0 021015 by yvoi 021015 :iconyvoi:yvoi 8 6 Link Bae by Ry-Spirit Link Bae :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 5,043 195 Overwatch - Reinhardt by Nesskain Overwatch - Reinhardt :iconnesskain:Nesskain 2,383 28 heppy helloweeeen~ by vashperado heppy helloweeeen~ :iconvashperado:vashperado 2,462 23 Sombra Battle Mode by Sadhira Sombra Battle Mode :iconsadhira:Sadhira 892 32 The Bone Carver by Charlie-Bowater The Bone Carver :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 3,145 57 Amon by laloon Amon :iconlaloon:laloon 4,302 210 Those creepy eyes by DamaiMikaz Those creepy eyes :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 3,832 224



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United States
Hello, I understand the scenarios of sleepless nights and many cups of tea to make a better future for yourself. My name is Crista and I now I have two chihuahuas named Mojo and Suger.


This is a pretty I made. There might be more in the future. Buuut idk.
Happiness with Mother
I drew this a while back for my ap art class and it was for mother's day. ^u^
The eye of anubis.
So leik I made a remake of one of my earlier art. 
La Vampirita
I am kind of getting into a bloody vampire mood theme lately. So be warned that there might be some bloody themed art coming up. Heeheeheee...Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
So I got a few problems...just a little...okay maybe its not that little.

Okay! Its my last year of highschool. Oooooh boi. And I got alot of things to do in school. Ten classes.
A lot of things (>.>) To many things (@.@) I was even accepted into a AP art class and lemme tell ya, its  S U P E R  O F F I C I A L.Saitama Serious Icon  The scary kind of class that you think about going to all day because your excited then when you go to it your scared, and your like, "No. Lemme out. Right neow." But I also love it very much, because that class is very open-minded and really lets you draw or paint or make whatever you want to make.

For the AP ART class, we are doing something that's called:  T H E   C O N C E N T R A T I O N
Oh I said. Super Official Serious Nod  Within the concentration, I have to come up with a theme that I want to concentrate on/or sort like investigate by drawing, painting, or creating 12 art pieces for it. Its a real good skill shapener for me, because I want to study body and environment perspective. So my theme is ACTION. I will be drawing 12 art pieces of people within places, that will be doing something that falls under the category ACTION. For example, on piece could be a Detective and Criminal having a standoff in a alley of a City. (<- Will actually be an art piece)

But Im not worried too much, because all the other classmate/artists in that class are really nicePumpkin LA Icon Plus, I already got my first concentration drawing down already. I just gotta add color and POW! finished. So yea. :Serious-Tard: I WILL be sharing these art pieces with you soon  None worry. 
I will keep going with drawing and sharing my art because....well ART. I love art, and its a piece of the talent I was born with.Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Panda Emoji-10 (Blush) [V1] 

Thats all. This is an explanation why I haven't submitted art for so long and why I haven't done anything. Hehe.Sweat Drop 
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  • Reading: Memoirs of Geisha
  • Drinking: Bleach

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